Zen Center of Portland

2520 NW Upshur, Portland, Oregon 97210

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Statement of Purpose

The Zen Center of Portland is recognized by the State of Oregon as a non-profit religious organization and is affiliated with the Ordinary Mind Zen School founded by Charlotte Joko Beck and her Dharma successors in 1995. Joko Beck (1917-2011) was an American Zen teacher who emphasized the practice of awakening to the boundlessness of our ordinary life, this present moment. In her teachings she paid particular attention to the unity of Zen practice and working with the mental/emotional conditioning that entangles us in a self-centered dream of suffering. The Zen Center of Portland is dedicated to manifesting and supporting practice of the Awakened Way. To this end, the Center is comprised of a non-hierarchical community of practitioners who embrace awakening as a collaborative and shared responsibility. It provides a Teacher(s) to work with practitioners in the learning and practice of Zen, and a facility in which these activities, and any other activities that the Centerís Board and/or Teacher(s) deem appropriate, may take place. The Center welcomes all individuals to share in this practice of awakening regardless of race, ethnic origin, socio-economic position, sexual identity or orientation, religious belief, or physical handicap. By practicing together with awareness, kindness, honesty, mutual respect and support, we realize our Ordinary Mind as the Way.